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How did Lampithaler come to art?

As a child I loved painting, writing poems and short stories, building small sculptures and working with wood.
I loved to do these things.

But my creative skills were just a thorn in the side of my mother and her second husband.
They wanted me to function and adapt to society.
Her constant attempts to re-educate me, to force me into the role of an „adaptation child“ – had some disastrous effects on my further development.
The fact that these attempts to make me an average child meant a further enormous additional burden for me, which I was not able to cope with in the long run, could only result in the consequence, I had to go other ways, in order not to fall by the wayside.

My grandmother, who me in all important matters and areas of life supported,strengthened and protected my creative side.
She long suspected that there was something in the dark that my mother and her husband were trying to hide when they started changing my life. When they dared to keep me from bringing my creative side into public life, my grandmother saw the full extent of their perfidious approach.
My grandmother called for help.
The secret support of an uncle who was a painter turned out to be very valuable to me later on.

It was he who helped me to continue painting and to build my sculptures.
At some point he said to me:“ If I bend a stick too much, it breaks. When I try to put an already broken person back together, I have to be sure that there is still a bit of personality and will power in her. And if someone tries to break you, always remember that Moment!“ Then he showed me something, and I have internalized it so much, and it has already saved me in so many situations.

I had my first art exhibition in 1980 in East Berlin. It was also my last exhibition in the GDR.

What’s happening?

Well, quite simply, my life had gone differently than it would have been beneficial and really good for a child and a teenager. I was curious about the world, always oriented far beyond the borders and did not let myself be deterred from always going my own way.
The price was a damn high.
I have expressed all my anger about my art, not letting myself broken.
That’s what happened. I also fought for justice and freedom, That’s what happened.
Abuses, and hostility were the harmlesst chicaneres
The former GDR did not tolerate any freedom-thinkers, on the contrary. People like me were convicted and imprisoned as state criminals.
And that was anything but a walk.
In 1984, as a former political prisoner, I was bought free by the former federal government and came to Hamburg.
It was amazing how many people contributed to people like me being denounced and finally locked up. I once thought it was a GDR phenomenon to have been surrounded by so many traitors. People pretending to be friends turned out to be the worst. Even individual family members, neighbours and former school friends were among the silent Boiler Driver.
Today, unfortunately, it’s all very fashionable again, these jealous people and their followerships, people without backbone are in demand, intrigues are in high demand and have booming , Fear of losing, , people denounce and defame, whatever it Costs

… my paintings and sculptures disappeared. They were supposedly stored in Berlin with the state security.
If you are interested, you can read about it soon in my biography, which I am still writing.

What happened afterwards with art and you?

After my arrival in Hamburg everything started very bumpy, stony, but sometimes surprisingly sunny.

Since I became very ill at some point, a disease that you don’t see, some things take longer with me than with other People – To get things done.
I have to learn many things anew, refresh other things, which is sometimes very strenuous.
I get today help and understanding, more and more
No comparison to those days.

I was also lucky in my life, because many art exhibitions I owe to the support of a person who unfortunately died far too early. Yes, and with him, unfortunately, a part of me. For many years it was not possible for me to get creative again. This required a lot of training and courage. And now I’ll be back!
But I also write about that in detail in my book, as well as about everything that blocked me, injured who I annoyed and a whole lot more.
What I’m trying to say is, thank you for this interview.

And why don’t they want to reinvent the wheel?

Because other people keep trying and failing?
It’s round! 🙂

Thank you ….Lampithaler

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