I don’t have to reinvent the wheel.                                                                                       It’s round.                                                                                                                               Surprised?

It is the anger and also the reconciliation, the joy and also the necessity that make me – to keep my creative writing valves wide open.

It is the pure desire for colours, wood and the smell of beeswax – which motivates me again and again to create new paintings, doors or other works of art.

It is the mind that tells me….. Beware of hypocrites, malicious envious people and people without opinions of their own, because they all have something in common – they are destructive.

It is love that helps me to give healing enough space, to protect the body and the soul and to constantly develop myself.

It’s my responsibility to face the things I need to fix.

It’s my memory that still works perfectly and has everything in it.

It’s my humor that makes me laugh so often.

It’s my gut feeling that’s keeping me from so many other stupid things.

It’s priceless to have true and real friends.

And………………. „I just don’t like kissing people’s ass.“

Do I have now to jump around naked to point out that I exist?

Or is it not enough to get rid of the last sticky shreds of all fitting recommendations – and similar own test models?

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