Cloudhead Worldheart – my work of art

„Cloudhead Worldheart“ is a work of art, more precisely a fairy tale that I wrote exclusively for my art project on LEA 22. And the SIM „Cloudhead Worldheart“ on LEA 22 is the fairy tale.
I spent a year preparing for this project. Although the project „Cloudhead Worldheart“ has been open to the public for some time now, the adventure journey begins – now. „Cloudhead Worldheart“ is now magically brought to life chapter by chapter.
Every day new pages of the book come to the SIM until the fairy tale is performed in the Heart Oasis & Dream Theatre. (I will announce the date of the theater performance in early June) – and only then will the last chapter of the fairy tale open.

What’s the fairy tale about?

The fairy tale is about a little boy named Neil O’Sullivan, affectionately also known as Little Cloudhead, who lived happily and carefree with his parents Reamonn and Reul O’Sullivan and his two years younger sister Roisin in Cluain Meala, an Irish town in the south of County Tipperary, until the age of 10. He was a very special boy and loved by everyone.
Only not from someone who robbed him of his childhood with a curse.

Fairyland Cloudshead Worldheart on LEA 22

Thus Little Cloudhead suddenly miraculously got into many stormy adventures, where he not only meets the witch Gundula, who is feared by all animals, elves, humans and other magicians in the whole fairyland and beyond.


No, already at the beginning of his adventure Neils meets the mighty Winter Tsar, an ally of the witch Gundular, but does not recognize him. For the Winter Czar has the gift of magical deception and can transform into many different beings.
However, he is not allowed to take the form of the elves and forest fairies of Cloudhead Worldheart, which does not prevent him from spreading freezing cold and horror.
With little Neils, the mighty Winter Tsar had something very treacherous in mind. Will he succeed?

When you land in „Cloudhead Worldheart“, you can already visit all the stations of the fairy tale, including the upper levels, where you can discover something new every day. Because new pages of books and other things are added every day.

Oh, and if you happen to meet a witch, then stay calm. Because there are many surprises in my fairy tale.
Sometimes it’s good to just change your point of view and really see with your heart. Maybe you will find exactly what you are looking for on „Cloudhead Worldheart“.

By the way, interesting musical events also take place in „Cloudhead Worldheart“. All events will be announced soon.

You can visit the „Cloudhead Worldheart“ project on LEA 22 until 30 June 2018. It is then rebuilt elsewhere.
I wish you a sunny stay on „Cloudhead Worldheart“, a fairy tale SIM, which I created with all my love.

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