The story about Festival of Culture 2017 in Amsterdam in Second Life

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The story about Festival of Culture 2017 in Amsterdam in Second Life.

I began to formulate the review in this way:

The Culture Festival 2017 was a real challenge for me. I didn’t have any big plans or even ideas how long this festival could last in 2017 when I started organizing it. What I wanted was to bring people together, people who do the art, people who do the music, and then people who like to look at and listen to both.
That was my intention.
And of course, I made mistakes. But that’s just human and no reason for snide talk.

Real life,
… a little writing break

Further I wrote then:

Some participants rightly asked what happened to the videos and photos I made and announced.
Well, after I told them that my main computer was broken and we all had to work hard to recover some data, it took many weeks.
The festival continued, so did my first life.
We were able to recover some data, but unfortunately not everything.
A very warm thanks goes to all those who have constructively supported me in this…..

And right here, at this point I paused again because I was interrupted. Which I am extremely grateful for, by the way.
This interruption changed everything that I wanted to write,

A person with whom I am not friends, who is not a good acquaintance of mine, had the courage to tell me what really astonished us.
Some people should be ashamed of themselves!

Therefore, here’s just the following:

It concerns the photo competition „I love Amsterdam“ 2017 on Flickr.

All winners of the photo competition „I love Amsterdam“ 2017 have already been announced.
In the second week of May, exactly on May 9,2018, an event will take place in Amsterdam SIM, where all the winners will be announced and prizes will be handed out.
Should participants of the photo competition „I love Amsterdam“ not be able to take part in the event in 2017, they will be officially informed about their ranking and prize-winning. And the prize goes to your Linden account.
That’s all there is to say at the moment.
Because the review is no longer written by me, someone else does.

Thank you!





The winners and the prizes


Oh Yuhara (Mi)
Fredericke Broek



  Kake Broek




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