Gallery „Out of the Shadows, into the Light“

Welcome to my gallery in Second Life!
my topic 2017/18 is „Out of the Shadows, into the Light“

Pitilessly, mighty shadows darkened my world for far too long. So I often became lost, wept silently, said nothing in fear, resorted to solitude in discourage, often did not defend myself or seek help. However, from deep inside and in a hopeful way, I continued proceeding my search back towards the light. Back to my life. Many decades have past since then. I have fought and trembled so much.
At times, I was therefore often, repeatedly and powerlessly very close to the abyss. However, I never gave up, which I am very proud of. Now, finally, the time has come: out of the dark and into the light!
For this very reason I have chosen this topic for my exhibitions in 2017/18 in Second Life.
Moreover, after a long interval, I will resume exhibiting publicly in Germany and Austria in 2018.

I present to you my art, luminous and arranged in a special way, consisting of a combination of my painted works of art, sculptures, photographs and digital installations.

This combination leads to wonderful color effects, which give the exhibition a special touch of liveliness and accompany you in a visual journey from the shadows into the light.

I am pleased about your visit and wish you much pleasure at my exhibition „Out of the Shadows, into the Light“!

Thank you for your interest!






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