Gallery „Out of the Shadows, into the Light“

I present to you my art, luminous and arranged in a special way, consisting of a combination of my painted works of art, sculptures, photographs and digital installations.

This combination leads to wonderful color effects, which give the exhibition a special touch of liveliness and accompany you in a visual journey from the shadows into the light.

I am pleased about your visit and wish you much pleasure at my exhibition „Out of the Shadows, into the Light“! Thank you for your interest!

Pitilessly, mighty shadows darkened my world for far too long. So I often became lost, wept silently, said nothing in fear, resorted to solitude in discourage, often did not defend myself or seek help. However, from deep inside and in a hopeful way, I continued proceeding my search back towards the light. Back to my life. Many decades have past since then. I have fought and trembled so much.

At times, I was therefore often, repeatedly and powerlessly very close to the abyss. However, I never gave up, which I am very proud of. Now, finally, the time has come: out of the dark and into the light!

For this very reason I have chosen this topic for my exhibitions in 2017/18 in Second Life.

Moreover, after a long interval, I will resume exhibiting publicly in Germany and Austria in 2018.

Some of you I know for years, others only recently. You come from all over the world and I am so grateful for every single encounter.

I would be very eager to have unlimited conversation with all of you. Unfortunately, as some of you already have remarked, that does not always work out as would be constructive for all of us. The reason for that is that I have been impaired by a disease in so many areas of my life. Therefore, it is impossible for me to continuously access what I have learned. Often a great agony.

So this has an end, I will have important texts translated professionally.

I am also supported by good friends, who have never segregated or compromised me.

However, I will elaborate in detail on this and other topics in my book, which is currently in the making.


1964 Born and raised in the Altmarkt

1981 First and only exhibition in East Berlin

1984 Redemption as a former prisoner of conscience in the ex DDR

1984 – 1986 Photography apprenticeship at SY Hamburg (OA)

Through the years she turned back to arts and completed her already commenced training in East Berlin, by means of – among other things – artistic and humanities studies in Hamburg and Giessen. Single and joint exhibitions followed until 2000. After the death of her life partner she withdrew from the public as an artist.

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