Appropo video….

In my blog I show my art. Art , that , me pleasure. I’m not doing this for three Likes.. and a little credit.
My primary focus is on joy. Without joy in the matter, there is no painting, no book, no video.

Appropo video.

I love doing machinimas. And I’d like to show actually you all the ones I finished, before my main computer failed completely and we still have to recover a lot of data

But honestly, should I really reward the people, who put me down in such a lousy way slandered just because, i didn’t funktioniert the way i.. used to?

Some really believed that I was their employee, and took for granted everything I created creatively and in my spare time.

Some were even angry with me because I was equally committed to art, culture and music. They felt robbed because they were afraid for their positions.

The whining was great, followed by power games.

Since some people could not behave who know very well that I mean them, dedicate i my precious lifetime now only to projects and people who are positive and constructive through and through…, and free from envy and intrigue

I am an artist – and not a matter of course.

PS: And as soon as my big computer is fine, I’m going back to Amsterdam. By the way, I’m really sorry that i haven’t finished some of the movies yet, and I actually have to do some things again..

At this point I would like to thank the people who didn’t talk crap behind my back, but asked me if I needed help.

Whining was never my thing, until now other people could really do better. But I’ve learned to say, I need help.

I can’t believe how much good experience I’m making now.

If it’s right what the round is doing, then two journalists are looking for an explanation for something they’ve been watching.

Well, my main computer is fucked up – OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and ALL data still have to be recovered… Ohhhh, and no one loves me anymore! OHHHH Ohhhhhhhh






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