Tell me a Story                                                                              My Part of the virtual Artwork                                                    by Meilo Minotaur

Delicatessen in Second Life

In the Valley of the Blue Kingfishers
When the merciless winter czar Arnetymoss, ruler over woods and meadows, country and mountains, had driven away the tenderly benevolent autumn from all corners of the earth, an icy and merciless storm raged from then on and put a dark veil over the light and love.
The winter czar Arnetymoss was furious at the fact that people were increasingly cold and cruel to each other. So he decided to take away what they no longer appreciated. Only one place he spared.
The Valley of the Blue Kingfishers

In the Valley of the Blue Kingfishers of Rabenstor, the animals and humans have lived side by side for ages, without hatred, without envy, without malice.
Whoever had made it there had arrived. Just like Tori, the daughter of Rabens Grot the Queen of Autumn Winds and Parluc Ingrats the Blue Winter Falcon.
Rabenstor. a place of refuge and healing. the only one of its kind, is not to be found on any map, in any star directory. To get there you have to go on a long, long journey, be brave and take on many hardships, like Tori once did.
The Valley of the Blue Kingfishers of Rabenstor opens its gates only every 5 years, and only a select few manage to find it. The key to unlock the gate is kept by Namus, the wise keykeeper.

And not all who knock will be let in. Namus is the key keeper and guardian of the gate. And he’s not alone.
Tori, the Chosen One, has done it. Namus granted her admission. She’s always been different from other human beings. Loved by her parents, but laughed at cruelly by the rest of the world, abandoned, left alone, shown off, she now lives in the only place where there is still light and love. In the Valley of the Blue Kingfishers.
But also in the valley of the Blue Kingfishers it is a bit colder on some days.

That’s rather rare. But when the cold comes, the fog shows up and Tori and her friends fly and fly and fly and fly…, and the evil crawls on the ground – until it gets warmer again…

Will Namus reopen the gate?
And who will be next?

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