The Blue-Green Crystal

The Blue-Green Crystal, what you can see there „on the SLB15, is a little fairy tale I wrote.

This little fairy tale tells the story of a girl who once wanted to travel around the world and find her happiness.
On her journey she met the most loving and wonderful people who showed her such important and unique things and gave her priceless gifts. Gifts you can’t buy anywhere.
But it drove her further into the wide world and she got to know many new people. At some point she finally forgot the people she had once taken deep into her heart and by whom she was unconditionally accepted and loved.
So many years passed in search of her happiness until one day she stayed in a place where she learned and experienced a lot, but remained very lonely. Because her new friends weren’t real, quite the opposite. She was surrounded by so much envy and only realized very late what and whom she had left behind in the distance.
Her memories of her lovable and true friends, who had all given her something precious to say goodbye, made her very thoughtful and even sadder, and she cried a sea of tears.
Meanwhile, the girl had become a young woman.
Outwardly she always seemed friendly and strong, but deep inside she was still the little girl in search of happiness.
But simply returning where she was welcome, that was not possible for her.

So she moved on and went to a foreign country where she knew no one.
One day, however, she was lucky enough to meet a wise woman who showed her that she was wearing a great treasure all the time, the greatest of all and how easy it can be to recognize and live happiness.

The little girl could finally let go and grow up.
She realized,that home is where love is. And where there’s love, there’s trust. And where there is trust, there are true friends. And true friendship is happiness.

I dedicate this little fairy tale to all those people who were once very lonely and also sought their happiness and found it.

And those who cannot bear the happiness of other people, for whatever reason, I wish them „that they can grant other people their happiness and finally begin to upgrade their own attitude to life by behaving as they pretend to do, but cannot do. Envy and disfavour are the most common reasons why some people cannot grant other people their happiness.

SLB15 Linden The Blue-Green Crystal








Once upon a time there was a little orphan girl named Amelia, all alone in the world. It had enough to eat and drink and a warm bed. She was of a sunny mind and a very friendly being. Her favorite activity was reading and every night she looked up at the sky and watched the stars. She imagined that somewhere up there was her lucky star.







Amelia dreamed of travelling once around the whole world. She was convinced she’d find happiness out there somewhere. Because she longed so much for it, for happiness, for community and for friends.
Yes, she wanted to make friends with whom she could share everything.

So one day she moved out into the big wide world and was amazed at how much beauty she got to see.







… how it goes on you will find out on the birthday SIM of Seocnd Life.

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