Art and Transformation – a dialogue at intervals (Art and Artist UWA 2017)

Art is a constant source of inspiration for change and development. The University of Western Australia supports many artists on their way and has promoted many projects in Second Life from 2009 to 2017. My movie is my entry for the University of Western Australia machinima challenge „The Art of Artists“. shows a dialogue at intervals.

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Yadleen  – Clara Mayef

A Limb Mylene Renoir

Michi Renoir

The following 3D Virtual artists are featured in this film:

Giovanna Cerise ,“ Saudade “ FreeWee,“ Ling Aperture“ Noke Yuitza ,“ Transcendence Despite Poison Rain “ Cherry Manga , “ Terra-Mater “ Djehuti-Anpu (aka Thoth Jantzen) ,“ Transubfabulations“ „Lil Eizenstein in SL RL/SL collaboration piece “ Miso Susanowa/Len Zuks Mrs Brandi “ SketchlifeBlock “ RL artist Len Zuks and the SL artist Miso Susanowa „SL Megabyte is a crossover collaboration between“ Rebeca Bashly. „Merlion “ Pale Illusion .“ The Paper Empire“ Hankvoight Resident „The Face of Time“ Blue Tsuki “ You Wear That Face“ “ Who Are You?“ ErikoLeo „A Virtual Wander in Two Dimensions and a Half “ Myra Wildmist „Your virtual self? “ Dusty Canning „My Journey – ‚From Noob to Now“ ,“ Dusty Canning’s Diorama“ Haveit Neox and Lilia Artis „Plantings“ Sean Tempest „Orthopedic Medical Lab“ Claude Belgar „DNA Man “ Jedda Zenovka “ The Female Reproductive Organs “ Moewe Winkler “ Build the dotman “




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