Second Life is a creative addition to my first life.

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My fairy tale as SIM “ Fairyland Cloudshead Worldheart“ on LEA 22.

LEA 22



I like the creative variety in these virtual world and the very different music on offer as well as the extraordinary art projects, theatre performances, shows and book readings. People from all over the world meet in different places for different reasons.                                                                                                                                     There are so many wonderful places in Second Life. And if my time allows, I like to explore new regions again and again.

By the way, I dedicate a small documentary to each of my favorite places, such as important projects, events, etc. in Second Life. The pages are – for time reasons – partly under construction and will be completed by me little by little.

When I started shooting Machinima in Second Life, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.
On the one hand I started with an unthinkable bad graphics card and of course with no previous knowledge.
It took years until I finally dared to introduce some machhinimas.
Today, when I find time and I am really interested in a project, I sit down and do a machinima again.
Unfortunately, my main computer broke down. That’s a pity, because for months I’ve been working on a laptop, which limits my possibilities. Still, I’m trying my best. And maybe one or the other likes one of my machinima.

Friendship is one big word. Living them isn’t always easy, especially since you can’t look some people in the eye. Everyone knows that trust is the basis for a really good friendship.
In this way, friendships sometimes develop out of non-binding but constructive contacts that remain meaningful beyond the virtual worlds. It is and remains fascinating for me to meet people from all continents, to learn something about their culture and to spend time with them.

Unfortunately, as I suffer from an illness that cannot be seen and is hardly recognised when I am not known, I sometimes need a little more time to express myself correctly and understandably. At this point I would like to thank everyone who supports me and gives me security.

By the way, my first life always takes priority.
Therefore, nobody should forget that behind an avatar is a person who leads a life outside the virtual worlds.
And some people, like me, actually lead a full life outside the virtual worlds.

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