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Art becomes a safe space where I can freely express my thoughts and feelings. At the same time, I value relationships with those who accept and appreciate the truth without seeking to harm. These connections are invaluable to me, as they create an environment where authenticity is valued, and truth is seen not as a threat but as an enrichment.

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My creations are like this colorful mosaic carpet that reflects the full breadth of my artistic soul. Let’s see where my creative journey takes me next!

Experimental Art

The genesis of my experimental Art lies in crafting bubble art, where I combine material elements in a distinctive way. Each bubble evolves into a living artwork, bearing a fascinating array of colors and textures. The unlimited scope of creativity and the unpredictability of the creative process infuse each piece with a unique personality.



Photography isn’t just a hobby or a skill; it’s a personal odyssey, a constant exploration of the world around me and the depths within myself. The play of light, the dance of shadows, and the vivid colors all come together like a symphony, creating visual melodies that resonate with my soul.



Painting is more than a creative pursuit; it’s a release, a therapeutic act that allows me to articulate my thoughts and emotions. There are no fixed rules or pre-defined motifs. It occurs when it must, flowing from within like an internal current seeking expression.

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The beauty of writing lies in its versatility—it adapts to my needs, whether I’m exploring fictional realms, sharing my personal narrative, or delving into the complexities of the broader world. It is a form of self-discovery, a journey into the recesses of my soul, and a way to connect with the vastness of human experience.

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Cardboard & Carton

Cardboard and cardboard not only offer me a lightweight, moldable canvas but also a connection to sustainability and recycling. This conscious use of materials reflects my appreciation for the environment and the beauty in the ordinary. By using these seemingly simple materials, I create something new, something that goes beyond the everyday.

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Moving Image

Creating videos is not just a creative endeavor for me; it’s a passionate exploration of life’s diverse facets. In each clip, I strive not only to tell visual stories but to capture an emotional journey woven through music, people, moods, possibilities, and the beauty of nature.

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Nature’s wood, with its calming embrace, Transformed into art, each piece finds its place. The workshop, a haven where time stands still, Crafting with wood, a passion to fulfill.Working with wood, a dialogue with nature, A craft born with care, every piece a signature. Handle with respect, in harmony with the tree, Where each creation carries the forest’s dream free.

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Cloudshead Worldheart

In my tale, a young Irish boy ventures into a magical realm seeking truth. Along his journey, he encounters helpful fairies, animals, and humans, facing challenges posed by witches and dark beings. Each encounter imparts valuable lessons, leading him to uncover the deeper truths of his destiny. The story unfolds with suspense, questioning whether the boy will triumph over obstacles and find the ultimate truth, exploring themes of courage, perseverance, and the transformative power of love.

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Virtual worlds

In the era of technology, life in virtual worlds has evolved into a captivating reality. Within these digital realms, individuals can not only create imaginative masterpieces but also build cities, countries, and unique creations. The diversity of avatars, ranging from human-like figures to animals, opens up endless possibilities for experiments, virtual concerts, and even theatrical performances.

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