About me

„Lampithaler, an extraordinary creative talent, embarked on a fascinating artistic journey. Born in Altmark, she relocated to Hamburg in 1984. Her education commenced then, and she successfully pursued a degree in arts and humanities, spanning locations such as Hamburg, Munich, and Gießen.

Her artistic passion thrives in the experimental interplay between abstract and representational painting, lending her art a unique dimension. Beyond painting, she has a fervor for photography, videography, creating diverse contributions, and exploring virtual realms and unconventional projects.

Currently, Lampithaler is ardently preparing for art exhibitions slated for 2025/26, while also engaging in writing and creative ventures in virtual realms. Her participation in significant art exhibitions, such as Expo/Metro 2020 in Berlin and Expo in Los Angeles 2022, attests to her international success.

As a member of the National Library for German-Language Poetry, she has been recognized for her contributions for the tenth time. Today, Lampithaler resides and works in Germany and Vienna, drawing inspiration from her surroundings. An exciting update for 2024 is on the horizon, and we eagerly anticipate experiencing her continued creative masterpieces.“

  • Dr. Wolfgang G. Bayerer

Upadate 2024 in progress