What are Virtual Worlds

What are virtual worlds?

Millions of people have already tried them and are now explorers, builders, concert-goers, artists in a virtual world.
But for someone who hasn’t had any or even a rudimentary exposure to virtual worlds, here’s a brief explanation of what a virtual world actually is and how to use it.
First of all, virtual worlds are computer-generated representations of real, fictional, or even reconstructed historical worlds.
So the virtual world should be understood as a virtual environment that replicates an enormous number of details and modules of the real world.
And by and large it does, because the virtual world is visually visible and represents a replica of reality.

Representative here are some examples from the Open Sim, as from Second Life.
Grinda Sweden – Cologne – Amsterdam

Virtual Reality
Live music | book readings | theater and music performances | art exhibitions

Even before Corona, there were musicians giving live concerts in a virtual world, book readings, artists exhibiting their work, people meeting and even participating in theater performances and other events.
Famous musicians and yet undiscovered great talents have already been guests in a virtual world, including Yoko Ono, Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys, Suzanne Vega and many others.

Especially for people with health restrictions or people who have little or no social contacts, it is a gain in quality of life if they can experience a live concert in a virtual world that they would otherwise be denied, and also get to know people from all over the world.
Friendships are formed that know no boundaries, that remain even after the computer is switched off.

This is because it is important to use the virtual world for what it has to offer in terms of constructive things that can then be integrated into a life outside the virtual world, such as social contacts, friendships and even partnerships.

Those who understand that a virtual world gives them space to carefree escape from their everyday lives into a world that can help make the impossible possible may discover talents within themselves that they can live out there.

The same applies to the fine arts, but also to other events.
In addition, the willingness to communicate is promoted and, beyond that, friendships are formed that know no boundaries.